You’ve got a remarkable story
to tell.

But how do you transform your great idea into the words that will convert browsers into buyers?

We help you tell that story.
We listen. We brainstorm. We scribble notes. Then we create content that engages your target market and compels them to buy.
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World-class copy

Let your ideal customers find you fast online.
We create keyword-rich website content, including SEO copywriting that understands what works best where, blogs, digital PR & social media management.

We're also the preferred copywriters for a number of web design agencies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Why? Because our distinctive copywriting helps create more "Google Love" for their clients.

Words that convert

Get copy that compels browsers to buy.
We help you refine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), then build a cohesive brand voice that persuades potential leads to buy your products and services NOW.

We're also recognised experts in crafting Media Releases that make editors stand up and take notice of your brand - which means you're more likely to be featured in the press.

Super-smart biz content

Keep your customers engaged with your brand
We craft word-perfect business messages people want to read. We've got 9 years + experience creating stand out business collateral, including:
online content
social media content
web video scripts
ad copy
auto responders
white papers
executive summaries
annual reports and more.

Engaging brand voices

Can't find your unique voice? We can help
Ask us to work alongside your creative, marketing or branding agency (or your marketing department), to create a single, powerful brand voice for your business across print, online, TV, radio, direct marketing and social media channels.

We ensure your business messages are strong, distinctive and appealing to your target market - so that your brand voice always stays fresh and top of mind.

What we do
We create fresh, clear, engaging copy that communicates your key business messages and gets you great results.
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    What our clients say...
  • I must have contacted 20 or so copywriters until settling with Well Versed. Highly recommend.
    Marcus Layton - Bizz Buzz
  • The content is amazing. The media release is the best we've read, anywhere, in our combined experience. So needless to say we are extremely happy with the work you've done.
    Rax Huq - Aleeyas
  • We absolutely love your writing. You're so fast and so perfect. It's so beautifully written, we couldn't have done it without you.
    Meen Thamsongsana - Cheers
  • I am speechless. I just love your work. I cannot believe I found you. I sincerely believe that you are going to be the reason that Seal eDiary actually takes off!
    Fadila Aruci - Seal eDiary
  • WOW, it's perfect, so spot on I'm just a tad emotional. Well done. I'm delighted with the work flow and how wonderful you are to work with.
    Greg Moses BioElixia
  • We think you are an absolute pleasure to work with Felicity and we love what you write. The 'about us' is fabulous (great confidence boost ;). We can't tell you how excited we are to find a great, quick copywriter and editor (tried a bunch already and never found a great match)! So hope to work with you on many things ahead.
    Hanna Axel & Ash Publishing