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Tamara Simpson

Tamara Simpson

How to make blogs for business work harder for your brand.

Why authentic, well written and well researched blogs that support your brand values also boost your bottom line. Get Why authentic, well written and well researched blogs for business support your brand values and boost your bottom line.

What is a blog? What are you trying to achieve by creating one? Both questions are essential for businesses when they decide to start blogging. 

Put simply, a blog is an online journal. Authors of blogs can be individuals or companies and blogs can be used to post content such as opinions, news, reviews, and updates.

As the web has evolved, blogs for business have become increasingly important, with many businesses adopting blogging as an online content strategy. However, the direction you take your blog in is going to have a distinct effect on the type of audience that reads it and how your business is perceived. 


Here are a few tips to help you ensure your business makes the most out of your blogging activities:


When it comes to blogs for business, Content is king but great writing is the power behind the throne

Engaging, honest and authentic content is what’s going to hook your readers. If you want to attract more customers, it is essential to make sure the content is relevant to your business. Do not stuff a heap of keywords into a poorly written blog post in an attempt to boost your SEO rankings. Customers will see through this and will hit the back button pretty quickly. Content needs to resonate with your readers.



Showcase your expertise

A blog for your business can help position you as a thought or opinion leader in your industry. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to highlight your knowledge and build a relationship of trust with your readers. With more and more people turning to the web to find out information, a blog is the best way to demonstrate to your readers that you know your stuff. It can also be a great way to establish a point of difference between yourself and your competition. This point of difference could be the deciding factor that pushes a potential new customer over the line.

“Continue delivering quality content that resonates with your readers and you’ll soon see the benefits for your bottom line.”

Build content that lasts forever

One of the great things about blogs is that they have an infinite lifespan. They will remain active as long as your website remains active. You can continue to pull new readers with your older blog posts. The time and investment in good quality content will continue to reap the rewards for your business well into the future.

Try to focus on evergreen content that readers will keep coming back to again and again. As engagement continues to increase over the years, so will the popularity of your site, boosting your chances of getting your products and services in front of more warm leads.


Blogging helps boost your website traffic

We DON’T encourage the use of keyword stuffing into blog posts. However, when you’re writing quality, insightful content about your industry, you’re naturally going to build a library of material on your blog. This material will use keywords and information that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) requires for your site to rank well organically on search engines (AKA Google). You can fine-tune the SEO content, but don’t try to manipulate search engines. Manipulation won’t end well for your organic search rankings. Your website can be penalised as a result.


Make sure you post regularly

Good quality blogs for business require a significant investment of your time and resources. Content needs to stay up to date as your industry evolves. You also need to post new articles regularly to make sure you build a library of content that will keep readers engaged. Writing isn’t for everyone, and many business executives don’t have the time to write or research blogs when the business demands their time in other areas (that’s where a good copywriter can help). 

Building quality, engaging and authentic content is an ongoing process. Continue delivering quality content that resonates with your readers and you’ll soon see the benefits for your bottom line. After all, if you can’t hold a reader’s attention on your blog then you can hardly expect to convert them into a paying customer.

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