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Clare Cooper

Clare Cooper

It’s impossible to please everyone.

Not everyone likes the same weather or the same genre of movie. Pineapple on pizza may seem like a wonderfully crafted meal to you, but for others it just looks gross.

Each person has his or her own style and opinion. A teenage girl is more likely to purchase a hair straightener than an elderly gentleman. Similarly, it can be assumed that professional athletes prefer sports to video games.

For businesses attempting to advertise a product, it’s impossible to present it in a way that appeals to all. Selecting a target audience and aiming the product in a way that attracts them, is the first step to converting browsers into buyers.

This process is known as conversion copywriting.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but this couldn’t be more wrong! Words have the power to bend and compel people to do certain things, and think certain thoughts. Even just a few words have the ability to influence a reader and cause a reaction. This is the main goal of conversion copywriting.

conversion copywriting


I know research can be tedious at times, but it’s the most important step in getting to know your readers.

Read blogs written by people of similar ages, watch their television shows, shop where they shop, and learn their language. You need to let them inside your head before you can get inside theirs.

Read all comments and reviews from ex-customers. Listen to their feedback and comments, even the mean ones, as this is your best source for improvement.



Now that you know absolutely everything about your readers, their tastes, style, dislikes, and language, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. The tone and voice of your piece should be made from a selection of words used by your intended consumer. This will create a personal connection between the reader and your article.

Your first line or phrase should give the reader no other option than to continue reading. ‘Yo dude!’ is much more attractive to a twelve-year-old boy, than a ‘Yas Queen!’ aimed at the opposite gender. Your readers will never know what hit them!



To captivate your reader’s attention and install a personal connection, refer to them using the term ‘you.’ This invitation to continue reading will increase the chances of them reacting positively to your article.

Use ‘I will make you rich!’ as opposed to ‘I make people rich.’


Conversion copywriting – Wielding the Call to action

Now it’s time to push a reaction from your reader. This is what you have been working towards! Your final line should begin with a verb, and contain words such as ‘free’ ‘today,’ ‘my,’ and ‘your own.’ Examples might include “Start my FREE trial today!” or “Get your very own jet ski now – Don’t miss out!”

Expressions such as ‘begin your application now’ or ‘click here to continue your purchase’ will be a hard miss with your reader. They may begin with a verb and invite the reader to action, but they also allude to more work on behalf of the reader. This is something they may not want to do. Don’t lose your customers because of a faulty last line. 

conversion copywriting


Let’s get down to nitty gritty – its editing time! Fine tune every sentence, and eliminate any extraneous words. Whenever possible reinforce all the great things the reader will gain by purchasing your product or subscribing to your channel. This way you won’t loose their attention.


Asking for a second opinion is always an option, one that I encourage. Websites such as Hemingway are also great for perfecting your persuasive voice and helping you achieve the best results possible.


Your final piece is officially done – or so you thought. To confirm your article has the ability to turn your browsers into buyers, ask participants from your intended audience to read over your piece.


If you do get criticism don’t panic, this is just another chance to improve.


Even after you submit your beautifully crafted and perfected article, never stop researching and learning more about your intended audience. As times change, slang and lingo changes with it. Never give up a chance to incorporate any language that will further captivate your reader.

Good luck and happy (conversion copy)writing!

About Clare

By pursing a career in editing and publishing, Clare’s passion for creative writing has given her the opportunity to explore other forms of writing. She enjoys expressing the everyday in unique and inventive ways, and exploring the ways in which writing can expand the imagination.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

For businesses attempting to advertise a product, it's impossible to present it in a way that appeals to all. Selecting a target audience and aiming the product in a way that attracts them, is the first step to converting browsers into buyers. We call this process conversion copywriting.

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